‘Rev For Trev’, a tractor run to raise funds for Pieta House and Teac Tom, will be held on May 29, from Mountrath Mart in Co. Laois, in memory of a young farmer who died by suicide.

The family and friends of Trevor (Trev) Wallace, who ran Wallace fencing outside Mountrath in Laois along with his father and two brothers, are organising the event.

Wallace Fencing was one of the first fencing contractors in this country to have three Protech P500s post drivers.

In his mid-30s, Trev is remembered as a hardworking and kind man, who would never see anyone stuck.

“He had a keen eye for detail and was always available on the phone to answer technical farming or machinery queries. He loved his tillage,” said his friend, Lee Walker.

His family and friends wanted to raise funds for charities that help people like Trev and so Rev For Trev was born, Lee said.

Pieta House provides a free therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress, those who engage in self-harm and those bereaved by suicide.

Teac Tom, Ormonde Road, Kilkenny, and Main Street, Stradbally, offers professional mental health support and suicide bereavement services to people of all ages, as well as 24-hour phone support.

“Suicide doesn’t just stop at the event. It ripples on for years after. We are doing this run to let people know it is ok to talk,” added Lee.

Registration will take place from 12 noon, with kick-off from 2:00p.m.