A notice of motion opposing the roll out of 5G in Co. Leitrim received unanimous backing from all the locally elected representatives during a recently held county council meeting.

One of the elected members behind the motion is Fianna Fáil’s cllr Justin Warnock, who says that there was no consultation process in respect of the move by Imagine and people in the county have no information about the project.

Warnock also pointed to the health implications associated with 5G and highlighted how fibre broadband would be a much “safer and healthier option”.

‘No to 5G’

Speaking to AgriLand, the local area representative in north Leitrim – who is also a member of the Save Leitrim campaign – said plans were afoot to roll out 5G across Co. Leitrim but the people of the county are “having none of it”.

I put down a motion on the matter during a recent local authority meeting in Leitrim.

He continued: “People don’t know very much about 5G or the effects of it and that is one of the problems.

“There are 180 scientists around the world saying that it’s dangerous; medical people like doctors are also pointing to illnesses that are happening as a result of 5G.

“While the development of 5G is only in its infancy – this is something that was actually being developed for war – it is electromagnetic radiation.

“There is a great worry out there about this.”

Global opposition

Meanwhile, Warnock pointed to the global opposition that has emerged in recent months over 5G.

Most recently in the UK, Boris Johnson pointed to how the British government would not back 5G rollout there and highlighted the damaging health effects that are emerging as a result of it.

We see now many other countries in the world are kicking back against this – even Boris Johnson has said no to 5G.

Warnock added: “Rolling this out in Leitrim – one of the most rural counties in Ireland – is just not acceptable.

“20% of this county is covered in forestry – so this begs the question how close to people are the poles, etc, needed for 5G going to be installed?

“Then there is the antenna that will be needed for transmission…what will that do to people’s health?

“All of this also points to the fact that Irish people are having less and less of a say when it comes to their health.”

An unacceptable situation

Meanwhile, the north Leitrim councillor says the situation in his county is “unacceptable”.

“This is totally unacceptable – it is clear there are issues with 5G and those issues should have been addressed before the plan was put in place to role it out.”

He continued: “This is all about faster broadband and mobile phone coverage.

“Fiber is far safer and healthier, and every home should have it.

Why can we not go with this instead?

I’m all for development but not at the price of the health of the citizens of this country.

“Nobody in this county was consulted on the matter nor were we provided with the pros and cons of 5G – again all of this is unacceptable.

“Now we see other counties voting against this and we know we are right not to allow this to be rolled out in Co. Leitrim.