Additional counties get the green light to avail of fodder transport subsidy

The opening up of the Fodder Transport Scheme in counties Cavan, Longford and Roscommon has been welcomed by the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).

Commenting on the move, ICSA Cavan chairman Hugh Farrell said: “Following a persistent campaign by ICSA officials in these counties, we have now received confirmation that the scheme is fully operational in Cavan, Longford and Roscommon.

“Teagasc officials are now satisfied that that there are insufficient fodder supplies locally to meet the demand and, therefore, it must be transported in from another part of the country.”

Farrell added: “Up to now, farmers in these counties have been unable to avail of the scheme, as their areas apparently did not meet the criteria laid out by Teagasc and the Department of Agriculture – despite a glaring need on the ground.

This has now been remedied and I would urge all those short of fodder to complete a forage budget form through their local Teagasc office or FAS approved advisor.

The scheme is designed to help those in dire need, the county chairman explained, adding: “We are thankful for the work Teagasc and the department have done on it.

“Hopefully now we will see the full benefit of the scheme filtering down to where it is so obviously needed.”

Previously, the Department of Agriculture confirmed that the scheme is not county specific.

A department spokesperson recently explained to AgriLand that farmers – in a locality identified as having a fodder shortage by Teagasc – are eligible to receive a financial contribution towards offsetting the costs of transporting fodder once they complete a fodder budgeting exercise with their agricultural advisor.

Teagasc assessments on whether there are significant fodder shortages in specific areas are ongoing, the spokesperson added.