Export beef factory figures released for the week ending November 30 show regional differences in beef prices across Ireland.

Base steer prices between €3.90 and €4.00/kg are widely available, with beef prices exceeding €4.00/kg occurring in pockets, especially in western processing plants. Heifer prices greater than €4.00/kg are more widely available.

Some 20,921 steer and heifers passed though export plants during the week. This throughput was back 2,620 head of the previous weeks kill of 23,181. The corresponding week in 2013 saw a lower steer and heifer throughput of 19,355.

The tables below give a factory-by-factory overview of steer and heifer prices. These graphs highlight that:

  • Green – Grades where a beef prices of €4.00/kg or higher was paid;
  • Yellow – Grades where a price of €3.90-3.99/kg was paid; and,
  • Red – Grades where a price less than €3.90/kg was paid.

More detailed grade-by-grade pricing can be found using the Department of Agriculture’s Pricewatch tool; https://publicapps.agriculture.gov.ie/bpw