Speaking in the wake of the announcement that the Manure Efficiency Technology Scheme (METS) will re-open in Northern Ireland on 31st March 2014, Redrock Machinery’s Managing Director Frank Flynn is advising farmers that they must strive to make best use of slurry as part of their commitment to driving efficiency levels forward within their businesses during 2014.

“The fundamental fact remains that slurry is a valuable fertiliser source and must be used accordingly,” he added.

“Its proper use will allow farmers defray the ever increasing cost of bagged fertiliser.”

Significantly, Redrock is confirming a strong growth in demand for the company’s range of slurry tankers and pumps from farmers throughout the UK.

The Redrock slurry tanker range is built to the highest quality. The Redrock body, wheel arches, supports and draw-bar are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards to maintain rigidity, reliability and road-worthiness year after year. Models with capacities of 1100 and 1300 gallons are most relevant for the purposes of the Farm Modernisation Programme

The Redrock slurry pump has gained a reputation for being strong, reliable and virtually maintenance free across the range. To improve mixing performance the off- set nozzle allows the slurry to be mixed in almost all directions. For varying tank depths, the pump can be adjusted by up to 300mm. The three point linkage “quick attach” allows easy implement connection. No disconnection of the PTO is required when lowering the pump into the tank.

Over and above the specification of the original Redrock slurry pump, the super flow mixes faster, agitates further and increases productivity. This has been achieved by pairing a larger capacity gearbox with a unique streamline pipe system, designed to reduce power loss at all stages, therefore increasing overall performance. With a top fill option, an incremental diverter valve enables precise management of the slurry flow, allowing the user to agitate and top fill simultaneously if required. Again, no disconnection of the PTO is required when lowering the pump into the tank.