Are you planning on getting down on one knee this Valentine’s Day and proposing to your other half?

If you’re thinking of popping the question but want to do something farming related we’ve got you covered!

Last year, a farmer in the UK has proposed to his girlfriend in a very unique fashion: by spraying out the words ‘Di, will you marry me?’ into his wheat field.

Rick Davies from Clifton Reynes, Milton Keynes told One MK, the news website, that he used a quad-bike and weed-killer to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Davies said at the time that he had been thinking for about a year how he was going to ask her.

“Then I won a flight at a charity auction for £50. After about two weeks it suddenly came to me that I could write it in the crops and we could go up in the plane.

“I used a weed killer that was sprayed onto a quad bike and I just spelled it out. But I had to leave it at least a week before we flew up, so I did it the week before the flight on May 4,” he said.

The proposal worked as his girlfriend is now his fiancé and they plan on getting married this summer.

Image: One MK news

Image: One MK news

Sticking with proposals from the air George Outhwaite proposed to his girlfriend Sarah Monks Yorkshire with this work of art in his field.

He managed ask his other half to marry him after he used a rotavator to spell put ‘Will u marry me?’ in one of his fields.

While we don’t know the outcome of the proposal we’re pretty confident that she said yes!


Image: Farmers Weekly

If you’re not going planning on going to this much effort (or you’re afraid of heights!) to propose this Valentine’s Day, dinner in a swanky restaurant, flowers and a ring normally will do the trick!

Have you proposed marriage to anyone in a way that’s a bit alternative to the traditional ways? Contact us to let us know!