Progressive Genetics has published its latest sires catalogue for dairy farmers. The ‘High Type Sires 2021’ catalogue is an addition to the autumn dairy catalogue and includes a range of Holstein Friesian sires.

Speaking on the catalogue release, Progressive Genetics representative Deirdre Toal said:

The catalogue showcases all the best bulls from our international agencies, including Semex, ABS Genus and CRV in Holland. These are included alongside half a dozen Irish bulls as well.

“It is about bringing the biggest and best available bulls from these international agencies and making them available to the Irish farmers. It gives Irish farmers access to the largest breeding programmes through these agencies.”

New additions

There are some new additions to the catalogue, with sires such as the Irish-bred ‘Lisduff Perception (FR6139)’ being a notable mention. There are also two new red bulls added this year, ‘Rainstorm Red‘ from ABS and ‘Atomic Red‘ from Semex.

Commenting on the selection of red bulls, Deirdre stated:

These bulls have been included for farmers who may already have red and white cows or heifers in their herd and are looking for a red gene carrier bull to cross back on these females again.

There are some older daughter-proven bulls included which farmers can use if they are emphasising on reliability for their breeding programs.

“‘Westcoast Perseus [FR4187]‘ is now daughter proven and we are seeing great farmer satisfaction with his daughters’ milking ability and he is easy calving. There are also bulls such as ‘Westcoast Yamaska [FR4368]‘ who is going to bring plenty of strength and solids.”

Sexed semen is also available to farmers from the catalogue, with Deirdre noting: “These include bulls who have up to 50kg in combined fat and protein solids.”

Click here to access the new catalogue.