Progressive Genetics has published its new range of Prestige Charolais, Angus and Limousin sire catalogues this week.

These catalogues are released annually for pedigree breeders of the aforementioned breeds and identifies the most suitable bulls to match a breeder’s individual breeding programme.

Commenting on the release of its new catalogues, Progressive Genetics representative John McDaniel stated:

“It’s our new range of prestige sires. We like to pick our best bulls for these catalogues and highlight sires to pedigree breeders that are going to give them the best advantage, while also meeting their breeding requirements.”

Prestige Charolais

There are some new additions to the Charolais sire collection this year, with John highlighting two new French sires for breeders to keep their eyes on.

Giono [CH6118] and Hamel [CH6298] are new imports this year. Giono is a well muscled and powerful bull that is very correct. His sons would be an ideal commercial farmer’s bull to produce very good weanlings.

“Hamel would be very easy calving and suitable for maiden heifers, with very good milk, shape and super carcass weight traits to match.

“Glera Oran [CH6310] is an exciting new sire. He is a Cavelands Fenian son, who was Intermediate Champion at the Charolais Christmas Cracker sale last year.

“On the maternal side of things, breeders can be looking at bulls such as Eperanay [CH6130], Voimo [VMO], and Azlier [S1639], who is a son of Pinay. Culmvale Novello [CH5614] is another stylish bull that is there to improve all the maternal traits.

“Finally, we have Lapon [CH4321], who really is our new superstar. He is very easy calving and suitable for maiden heifers.”

Prestige Limousin

On the release of the new Limousin catalogue, John explained: “In this catalogue we have bulls such as Telfers Munster [S3301], who has all the class of Lodge Hamlet but just with added size. He has an impressive pedigree, with Goldies Comet being his maternal grand-sire”.

Telfers Munster, Lodge Hamlet [LM4058] and Powerhouse Italic [LM2090] are real muscle breeders that are going to produce those shapey cattle for the commercial market. These are all myostatin carriers of the nt821 gene.

“Maternal bulls for breeders to look at are JT [LM5641], who is a Cameos son, Hotel [LM5644] and Tomschoice Nation [LM5611] – who has an impressive set of figures on both the Replacement and Terminal Index.

“We also have sexed semen available from Tomschoice Nation, Tweeddale Lennox [LM4407] and Lodge Hamlet.

“Then when selecting bulls for maiden heifers, there are bulls such as Grenache [LM4351], who is a super bull to mate with really heavily-muscled maiden heifers. There is also the old stars such as Ionesco [ION], who has rock solid reliability for easy calving and his progeny have super temperaments.”

Prestige Angus

Speaking on the release of the new Angus catalogue, Rose Goulding, Progressive Genetics representative, stated:

This new catalogue is a must-have for Irish pedigree breeders. It includes the top Angus sires from Ireland and around the world, to breed the next generation of pedigree Angus males and females.

Highlighting top Angus sires within the new catalogue, Rose mentioned: “Intelagri Matteo E.T [AA4089] is one of our top selling bulls; he really is pretty special.

“He is an easy-calving option for dairy heifers. He is coming out as the top bull in all of the trials for growth rates, when compared to other Angus sires used in the dairy herd.”

Another Angus sire that Rose wished to highlight is the Australian-born Te Mania Berkley B1 (S1206). She stated: “This is the best bull available to give very short gestation, very easy calving and excellent subsequent growth rates. He also breeds great females.”

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