The latest Progressive Genetics dairy catalogue “Dairy Sires 2021” has just gone to print, the AI firm has confirmed.

The catalogue includes a high EBI brochure plus the company’s main Friesian, Type, Jersey and Crossbred bulls.

The catalogue contains the most up to date figures following the ICBF’s latest EBI update.

Ones to watch

Speaking to AgriLand, Shane Leane, Progressive Genetics technical sales manager, explained that the spring dairy catalogue for 2021 has a range of high EBI sires for different production systems.

Pointing to some key sires this year, Shane highlighted three in particular:
  • Pivotal (FR4728), Shane noted that, with 40kgs milk solids and €114 on fertility sub index, Pivotal is also easy calving for heifers;
  • Albert (FR4513), which he said “is a popular sire with excellent production over 40kgs solids, health and fertility”; and
  • Seville (FR4547) “brings excellent solids, fertility and is also easy calving and suitable for heifers”.

Turning to the new sires for 2021, Shane said: ” Sergi [FR5515], Stark [FR5803] and Edmonde [FR5530] are all excellent for milk solids, fertility, maintenance and well suited to intensive grazing systems”.

On the high EBI sexed sires front, the sales manager pointed to Supreme [FR4482] and Fiveo [FR5971] as notable choices.

Additional features

Continuing, Shane said: “Some additional features to our catalogue this year include our fresh semen panel of bulls; the team average is €285 EBI, €112 milk sub index, €114 fertility sub index, 33kg combined fat at protein [at +0.27 fat and +0.17 protein].

“The Progressive Genetics fresh programme has been successfully operating over the last number of years and has grown in demand each year.

This year we offer all our high EBI sires to be available through our fresh programme, providing all our AI service users access to our top EBI sires. This is a unique service to Ireland.

Claiming that the catalogue “really demonstrates elite genetic sires driving EBI to a new level”, the manager said:

“There is clear evidence across the country from research and on farm performance of the benefits of the EBI and this is been well recognised by Irish farmers as they see huge improvements in fertility, milk solids and profitability.

Benefits of EBI

“Notable the industry has seen massive improvements in genetic gain for traits such as fertility (calving interval and six-week calving rate) and production especially through increases in kilogrammes of fat and protein produced, which in return translates to higher milk value through the A+B-C milk payment system.

“Looking forward Progressive Genetics has a very exciting line up of G1 sires coming through the breeding programme and will showcase the elite genetics available to complement and further increase genetic gain and profitability on Irish dairy farms,” Shane concluded.

For those interested, the catalogue can be viewed here.