Biolectric manufactures small to medium scale AD (Anaerobic Digestion) plants that produce up to 306,000 kilowatt hours per annum while reducing carbon emissions by up to 440 tonnes per annum.

There are four sizes ranging from 11kW to 44kW units to suit various size farms from 80 cattle upwards and multiple units can be deployed for larger farms.

The Biolectric installation is unlike any that this country has seen before, it’s easily installed by engineers in just three days and starts producing energy within eight days, making it a rewarding investment from an early stage.

Key facts

  • Farmers no longer dependant on rising electricity prices
  • Convert your farms waste as CH4 emissions into electricity and heat
  • Reduces dependency on costly artificial fertilisers
  • Get a fixed price per kW of produced electricity (NI & UK only)
  • Fully automated manure gas plant
  • Work with an experienced team with over 100 successful installations across Europe.
  • ‘’Free to Fit’ Option available (NI & UK only)

According to Biolectric its leading technology will help shape the future of farming, by producing sustainable energy that offers the possibility to match supply with demand without the need for energy storage.

Biolectric was established in 2009 when the concept first evolved, the first installation was produced in 2011 and today there are over 120 installations spread across 10 countries in Europe with expansion into the Rep of Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK in 2016.

For more information and to find out how your farm can benefit from a Biolectric installation contact the Sales Team at Biolectric Ireland on 01-8427599 or email [email protected]