The future success of Ireland’s poultry industry, and Irish agriculture in general, will depend on its ability to adapt to new ideas, according to Nuffield scholar Alo Mohan.

The Co. Cavan farmer has a poultry operation and said knowledge transfer is key. “Proper training and education is essential for farmers and others to face the challenges to securely and economically feed the world’s growing population.

“I have seen so many blockages in the industry. The FSAI carried out a report on camp bacterial, without consulting any stakeholders. Now, we work together better and ensure we have a better future.”

The poultry industry employs almost 10,000 people in Ireland, he told the recent Nuffield conference and said it forms an integral part of Irish agriculture.

“As well as producing the country’s favourite food, the industry is one of the biggest users of Irish grain, supplies the raw material for mushroom compost and is one of the biggest providers of organic fertiliser for tillage.

“We need to transfer the knowledge o how we farm to the consumer in a different light. We need to step out side the industry and see how those outside the industry see it.”

During his scholarship time, he contacted Denis O’Brien who advised him that investing in technology and keeping farmers to the forefront of education and training was vital.

Jerry Manock, the designer the original Apple Mac computer told him that the view should be that ‘you don’t have a problem, you have an opportunity to do things better’.