Potato prices dropped this week having remained stable over the majority of the harvest season.

Prices had remained stable for the month of November, having dropped at the end of October, from a high in the middle of October – when the first new-season potato market report was released by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

Rooster prices (a box of new-season) now stand at an average price of €510. That’s a drop of €20, having stayed and an average of €530 since the end of October.

Earlier in the season a box of Rooster had been priced at €545.

10kg bag of Roosters

A 10kg bag of new-season Roosters is now averaging €6.00/bag and is ranging from €5.75/bag to €6.25/bag.

In late-October, a 10kg bag of new-season Roosters was priced at a low of €6.00/bag and a high of €6.75/bag. This was down from a high in the middle of October when prices ranged from €6.50/bag to €7.00/bag.

A box of new-season Whites dropped from an average of €545 to €525 at the same time.


Meanwhile, Whites, Kerr Pinks and Golden Wonders have held their prices.

Average potato prices (new-season) as of November 28, according to the IFA Potato Market Report:
  • Whites (box) – €525;
  • Kerr Pinks (10kg bag) – €6.50;
  • Golden Wonder (box) – €700.

Harvest progress

It is now estimated that 95% of the harvest is completed; wet weather this week has stalled field work.

Harvest conditions were ideal for the majority of the harvest and, while the drought caused a lot of problems during the summer, growers are happy with the quality.

Across the water in the UK, the harvest is progressing similar to here, but quality is an issue – and in some parts – trade has slowed as a result.

According to the North-Western European Potato Growers, the EU potato harvest is down approximately 20%.