Improved weather conditions have brought potato harvesters back into fields this week. However, prices remain relatively unchanged.

As of last week the IFA estimated that 70-80% of the main potato crop was still to be harvested.

Boxes of Roosters are moving for an average ex-farm price of €320 but as far up as €350. This is the same as prices quoted this time last year.

However, 10kg bags of Roosters are selling for an average of €3.10. This is down from €3.20 last week and down from an average of €3.40 in the same week of last year, according to this week’s IFA potato market report.

Image source: Shane Casey

10kg bags of Kerr’s Pink are averaging at €3.65 but are as high as €4 – down on the same week of last year from a price of €4.20.

Golden Wonder’s are making an average of €5 for a 10kg bag – this is €1 less than this time last year, according to the IFA.

Farm gate prices are dependent on quality. Prices are ranging from €200 to €300 for a box of Roosters.

Kerr’s Pink are being bought for €270 per box at the farm-gate, but quality is essential.

In the shops, Roosters are ranging in price. Own-brand potatoes, in the supermarkets, in 5kg bags were sold for €4.50 in some supermarkets. 10kg bags were selling for €6.50, while branded potatoes were selling for more. 2.5kg bags of Roosters sold for €3.40 in some places, while 7kg bags sold for approximately €5.50.

Dublin market wholesale prices reported to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine are detailed below.

Average Dublin Market Wholesale Prices (for week 44):
  • Roosters 10kg – €4;
  • British Queen 10kg – €3;
  • Kerr’s Pink 10kg – €4;
  • Record 10kg – €3.50.

Potatoes from the UK and France were also quoted in the Dublin wholesale market. Maris Piper, Markies and Nadine were available. 25-42mm potatoes were also available – Maris Peer from the UK and Agata from France.

In the UK, weather has also slowed down the potato harvest. Yields are reported to be good but storage space is short and potatoes are being pushed onto the market.