Claas had plenty to shout about at last week’s Agritechnica show in Germany; it launched new telehandlers and loading shovels at the event.

The loading shovels, known as the Torion range, were profiled in a recent article.

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Like the new loading shovels, the telehandlers are the result of a tie-up with Liebherr.

While the new handlers are different from previous Claas-badged machines (which were built by Kramer), the ‘Scorpion‘ product name has been retained for the new line-up.

According to Claas, its latest telehandlers offer increased lift capacity and “advanced” driver-assistance systems.

New features include: DYNAMIC POWER for engine management; the new SMART LOADING driver-assistance system (for “fine control” of the hydraulics and overload protection system); a fully-automatic parking brake; and controlled crab steering (as a fourth steering option, whereby the front axle can be controlled independently).

Lift capacities run from 3.2t to 5.6t. From late next year (December 2018) another, bigger model will be added – with a 6t lift capacity and a 9m lift height.

The hydrostatic VARIPOWER or VARIPOWER PLUS transmission has three speed ranges, which are controlled using the joystick. The electro-hydraulic parking brake is automatically activated if the driver leaves the seat, the machine stops or the engine is switched off.

Claas Scorpion

When the driver puts a foot on the accelerator (to travel in a set direction), the parking brake is automatically deactivated.

As in the previous line-up, all models come with Deutz diesel engines. These develop up to 156hp and meet Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standards.

The new DYNAMIC COOLING system automatically controls fan speed; prompting demand-driven cooling of the engine.

The fan reversing system works automatically, based on settings selected by the operator. When working in “dirty” conditions, the driver can also reverse the fan manually – at the touch of a button.

Claas Scorpion

The SMART LOADING system is equipped with automatic overload protection. An automatic ‘bucket return’ function – with a set bucket position – is optional.

The SMART ROADING facility automatically adjusts engine speed when accelerating and, again, once maximum travel speed is achieved. If lower output is needed, engine speed is automatically reduced.

In the new 756 and 746 models, DYNAMIC POWER regulates engine speed based on joystick movements.

Irish prices, for the latest machines, have not yet been published.