Pics: Buy and sell livestock for FREE on Haystack

Since March 18, livestock ads have increased substantially on the

During the Covid-19 pandemic, and while strict restrictions and protocols are in place at marts across the country, all livestock ads can be placed on Haystack for FREE. is an easy-to-navigate, no nonsense website, that puts sellers in touch with potential buyers at the click of the button. An advert can be placed within a matter of minutes by following six simple steps.

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AgriLand has teamed up with Haystack to bring you a sample of cattle currently for sale on the platform.

The wide range of livestock include: calves; pedigree breeding bulls, breeding heifers, weanling heifers and bulls; store heifers, bullocks and cows; and in-calf dairy heifers and cows.

Here’s just a flavour of what’s on offer.

1) Register an account

Firstly, new customers must create an account – free of charge – on the Haystack website. This requires: name; email address; and a password.

Once this stage is complete, your account is now set up. Additionally, existing users can just login using their email and password.

2) Place an advert

Farmers can then add their free advert by clicking ‘Place Advert’ on the top right-hand corner of the website.

3) Add details

The next step involves providing some details on what you are selling or buying. These include: title; ad type (selling or buying); category; and price.

The title refers to what’s for sale. So, for example, the title could be ‘Charolais weanling bulls’, the category would be ‘Beef Cattle’ and whatever the asking price may be.

This price can be offered as negotiable by clicking the ‘Negotiable’ box.

4) Add images

Providing good-quality pictures is probably one of the most important aspects when placing livestock adverts for sale and improves your chances of finding a buyer.

If taking photos of livestock with a phone, it is advised to take shots in portrait mode (hold phone sideways); providing numerous sharp photos from different angles is also advised.

Once you are happy with the quality of the photos, they can be uploaded by simply dropping them in the ‘Images’ section or by browsing the files on your computer.

A video can also be added by inserting the video link or by browsing the files on your computer.

5) Add description

The ‘Description’ section requires some of the finer details of the animals on offer.

So, again using the Charolais weanling bulls as an example, details may include: date of birth; weight; feeding history; genetic background; and contact times etc.

Again, providing specifics enhances your chancing of making a sale.

6) Add location and contact details

Adding a location can also be beneficial when offering livestock for sale. Also, remember to add your contact number.

That’s it – it’s as easy as that. Click ‘Sell Now’ and your free livestock advert will be placed.

The platform will allow farmers with livestock for sale to place adverts starting with immediate effect until further notice.

So, to place your free livestock advertisement, or to register an account, just click here