Agriland made the trip to Athenry Mart yesterday (Monday, May 23) for the mart’s sale of sheep, which saw a strong showing of spring lambs and cull ewes on offer.

While spring lambs and cull ewes dominated throughput at Athenry Mart, hogget numbers and ewes with lambs at-foot were small in comparison.

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Numbers of spring lambs were up on the previous week, with prices reaching a high of €175/head.

Looking at the trade for spring lambs on the day, 50kg plus lambs sold from €172/head up to €175/head.

45-49kg lambs sold from €160/head up to €172/head, with the majority in this weight category selling from €165/head up to €168/head.

40-43kg lambs traded, in general, from €151/head up to €160/head, with some quality lots making up to €165-167/head.

The lightest lambs on offer, at 36kg, sold for €124/head.

Hogget numbers once again were small this week, as is the case at this stage of the year, but were met with a good trade, with prices reaching €180/head for 63kg hogget ewes.

The general run of prices on the day ranged from €160/head up to €180/head, with many selling between €170/head and €176/head.

A strong showing of cull ewes were presented for sale at the mart with over three rows of pens on offer.

Prices broke €200/head once again, but not to the same extent as previous weeks.

Two ewes weighing 125kg sold for a high of €230 a piece, with a 144kg ram selling for €242/head.

Heavy ewes sold from €160/head up to €190/head, with lighter ewes trading from €110/head up to €150/head, in general.