People are reminded of the dangers of fireworks, and the “significant stress” they cause livestock.

ISPCA chief inspector Conor Dowling said that Halloween can be a “frightening and dangerous” time for animals due to the use of illegal fireworks.

They have a significant impact on pets, livestock and other animals “given their heightened senses of hearing and smell”.

The ISPCA is asking the public to be aware of the dangers that Halloween poses to the well-being of all animals and to take extra measures to safeguard the safety of not only domestic pets, but farm animals and wildlife too.

“We would ask those considering acquiring or using illegal fireworks to think about the impact it has on others – on the elderly and infirm, on our emergency services, and on our pets. And to ask themselves, is it really worth it?”

The ISPCA said that animal centres and vets are “inundated” each year with animals needing attention following Halloween celebrations.

Fireworks awareness campaign

Last month, Minister Heather Humphreys launched the Department of Justice Fireworks Awareness Raising Campaign for 2021 which will run until November.

The campaign is in collaboration with the ISPCA, Dublin Fire Brigade and An Garda Síochána at the Dublin Fire Brigade Training Centre.

Minister Humphreys has highlighted the serious dangers associated with fireworks and the significant penalties that people can face for selling or using illegal fireworks. 

Penalties imposed can be as high as €10,000 and/or up to five years in prison, if convicted.

Fireworks are not fun for everyone

Minister Humphreys also noted the “significant distress that fireworks can cause for people in our communities, particularly the elderly or those with sensory issues”.

“Fireworks are not fun for everyone,” the minister said.

“This year we are asking people to stop and consider the significant distress that fireworks cause to the most vulnerable in our communities, to our pets and to other animals and livestock.

“Our grandparents, elderly friends and those with sensory issues have faced a particularly difficult time over the last 18 months; fireworks going off in proximity to their homes causes unnecessary additional distress.

“We are asking everyone to consider those who are indirectly impacted by their actions this Halloween period.”