Over 20 lambs killed in Sligo dog attack

Over 20 lambs were killed in a dog attack in Co. Sligo in recent days, with an investigation underway at present.

It is understood that two dogs were involved in the attack. It is also understood that two dogs (possibly the same animals) had gone missing in the vicinity in the days prior to the incident.

The incident apparently occurred in the Balllinacarrow area of the county, at the end of last month (July).

Speaking to AgriLand, Sligo County Council dog warden Anthony McDaniel said that an investigation is underway to identify the dogs and their owner(s).

McDaniel noted that the farmer concerned has also reported the incident to Gardaí.

The dog warden stressed that dog owners should “be mindful of their dogs, keep them in, and know where they are”.

“They can do an awful lot of damage in 10 or 15 minutes,” McDaniel added.

Wexford dog attacks

Earlier last month, Gardaí were involved in tracing the owner of a dog that repeatedly attacked and killed lambs in Co. Wexford over a six-week period.

The attacks, on a farm in the Adamstown area of the county, began in around mid-May, only coming to an end at around the first week of July when the dog – believed to be a German shepherd – was shot dead by a neighbouring farmer while it was attacking that farmer’s lambs.

The farmer who was predominately affected lost six adult sheep and several lambs over the course of the attacks. Eventually, he was keeping watch on his animals during the majority of the nights and early mornings, though the dog still managed to continue its attacks.

After the dog was eventually spotted and killed, it was found to not be microchipped. Furthermore, the owner could not be found or identified at the time.