Northern Irish demand for stores and beef lots at Carnew Mart

Last Saturday’s sale at Carnew Mart featured 710 cattle and 60 calves, according to the mart’s manager David Quinn.

Cattle were said to have met a strong trade, with plenty of customers for all types of cattle – continuing in line with recent sales held at the mart, he said.

Additionally, David noted that Northern Irish buyers made the trip down south in search of both stores and beef lots.

Starting with beef bullocks, these lots were said to sell for €1,320-1,680/head or at €1.88-2.37/kg, with continental store bullocks making €860-1,410/head or €2.05-2.75/kg.

Early-maturing Hereford and Angus steers sold at €1,230-1,180/head or for €1.84-2.16/kg, while heifers of the same breed made €530-1,010/head or €1.77-2.15/kg.

Friesian steers went under the hammer for €440-1,110/head or for €1.36-1.78/kg. Additionally, beef heifers sold at €1,100-1,440/head or €1.84-2.41/kg.

Continental store heifers made €530-1,010/head or €1.77-2.15/kg.

In terms of calf prices, continental bulls sold for €200-445/head, while their female counterparts sold at €140-415/head.

Hereford and Angus bulls went under the hammer at €180-375/head, with the heifer calves selling for €130-310/head.

Finally, Friesian bull calves made €80-225/head on the day, with prices depending on age and quality.

Friday sale

Moreover, the mart held its dry cow sale on the Friday before, which saw an entry of 150 dry cows and 20 sucklers on offer.

At this sale, continental beef and store lots sold for €1,150-1,680/head or for €1.62-2.12/kg and €780-1,220/head or at €1.41-2.01/kg respectively.

Heavier Friesian cows went under the hammer for €930-1,310/head or €1.33-1.52/kg, with store Friesian cows making €0.91-1.42/kg.

Additionally, cows with calves at foot sold in the range of €1,000/unit to €1,680/unit.