Among the items eligible for grant aid under TAMS II will be low-emission slurry spreading equipment.

Farmers will be able to avail of grant aid of 40% with eligible young farmers entitled to grant aid of 60% for the equipment.

Spreading slurry with low emission equipment will be a key stipulation for many farmers who signed up to the GLAS scheme as the method contributes to ammonia and climate targets.


Abbey Machinery

On display at the Abbey Machinery stand at this year’s Royal Highland show will be their new Tri-App 7.5m Slurry applicator.[yes-app]

Abbey Tri App 2[/yes-app]

The new Tri-App is a new concept in slurry application and will combine the three functions of Dribble bar, Trailing boot and Trailing shoe applicators into one machine giving it the name Tri-App.

The new machine can be mounted on to a tanker via fixed mounting or with the use of a Hydraulic Mast. It also is possible for it to be mounted on the back of a tractor to run with an umbilical system.

[yes-app]Abbey Tri App 3[/yes-app]

“With the increased legislative focus on low emission slurry spreading equipment the market of low emission slurry spreading products is set to grow”, said Owen Cavanagh of Abbey Machinery.

The mounting to the tanker has been optimised to reduce the overhang and minimise the weight of the applicator on the back of a tanker. The Tri-App has been engineered to offer lightweight construction with robust design to ensure maximum durability and productivity for the end user.

[yes-app]Abbey Tri App[/yes-app]

Fitted with 40mm heavy duty durable hose the system is designed with no internal hose restrictions at hose joints and ensures that there are no restrictions to the flow from the Vogelsang Exacut macerator to the ground.

The Double pivot three section boom allows the outlets to follow the ground contours individually and when travelling forward protects the frame from any uneven ground.

The Abbey Tri-app retails at €14,928 plus VAT at 23%

Major Equipment

Farmer Spec tanker



Major 2000 gallon Galvanised tanker on 28″ wheels with a 9000 pump, with 6.5 M trailing shoe retails at €24,000 plus VAT at 23%.


  • These tankers are constructed from 6mm steel for maximum strength.
  • The axle is a heavy duty agricultural specification axle.
  • Rubber buffers are fitted as standard on the drawbar.
  • They make the tanker easier to tow and gives a smoother journey.
  • These tankers are supplied galvanised as standard.

Contractor Spec

The Major LGP Tanker is a more robust vehicle designed and manufactured with the larger producer or contractor in mind.


2600 Spec:

  • 30.5 R32 (181grade) 2 x fills tyres,
  • 11000 pump ,
  • wide angle shaft,
  • level indication tube

The Major 2600 with a 7M trailing shoe retails at €30,000 plus vat at 23%.

Major says the LGP Tanker is unique in design, in that the barrel is supported by a separate chassis.

It says the position of the axle relative to the machine length means that a perfect balance is achieved with 80% of the weight running on the tanker’s axle and the remainder being carried on the tractor drawbar.


The tanker is baffled to prevent ‘wave’ motions during transport. It is mounted on wide support wear plates to spread the weight reducing tension and stress. 6” filler points are placed on the sides and rear of the tank. These tankers are painted the traditional Major green finish as standard.