Head scoops and yard lights most popular items in Safety Scheme

The most common items approved to date under the Farm Safety Scheme are head-scoops to prevent cattle from moving their heads while in a crush, and yard lights, according to the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney.

He said these two items were included in 46% and 43% of approvals respectively.

The Farm Safety Scheme, with a budget of €12.2m, received 6,299 applications. Minister Coveney has said that to date 4,618 applications had been approved, with an average of four items per approval.

He said of the remaining applications, over 800 are ineligible and the others are being processed as quickly as possible, allowing for issues that have been queried with farmers.

Under the scheme all work must be completed and a payment claim lodged with the Department by the August 31.


Minister Coveney also said that investment in farm safety will continue to be a priority for his Department.

He said under the new Animal Welfare, Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme the full range of items available under existing Farm Safety Scheme will continue to be supported, along with an increased range of fixed safety items, such as fixed cattle crushes.

According to the Minster the scheme will be launched over the summer as part of the TAMS II round of on-farm investment schemes.

In addition, the Minister said as part of all of the new TAMS Schemes it will be mandatory for all applicants to have completed a minimum half-day farm safety course before they can claim grant-aid.