Monitoring your herd with smaXtec, the revolutionary cow understanding system, allows you to detect fertility disorders at an early stage so you can react immediately. smaXtec is now serving the Irish market directly with this unique monitoring tool.

Brian Aherne, country manager, explains how smaXtec optimises reproduction management: “Only 10% of fertility disorders are genetically determined, while the other 90% arise due to environmental influences.

“The system records 75% of the factors influencing the fertility of your cows – management, feeding and climate. This gives a holistic view of your animals and, if necessary, to eliminate factors negatively influencing herd fertility at an early stage.”

With smaXtec boluses you can control management and feeding. The smaXtec climate sensor monitors climate by continuously measuring the outside temperature and humidity.

Why smaXtec?

  • Precise heat detection at 97%;
  • Recommended optimum insemination time;
  • Calving alert 15-20 hours pre-calving at 95% (including heifers);
  • Quick identification and treatment of animals with fertility issues.

Maggie Palmer, sales and support representative Ireland, has worked and studied in agriculture all her life, along with having great experience in reproduction and animal health monitoring

Detection of:

  • Mastitis: sub-clinical 96 hours (or four days before);
  • Pneumonia;
  • Milk fever;
  • Displaced abomasum;
  • Metritis.

Unrivaled accuracy

Thanks to the continuous measurement of inner body individual temperature, farmers can detect and treat diseases as early as possible.

Temperature taken elsewhere is affected by outside influences giving poorer quality data. It provides earliest health detection – meaning less antibiotics and more profit.

Early detection reproduction

The bovine estrous cycle is a complex interaction of different organs and control circuits. If these processes do not function properly it may result in a fertility disorder. The causes can vary.

Factors such as inadequate housing management, incorrect feeding, poor climate conditions and delayed dry-off can lead to fertility disorders. Difficult calving, diseases, and pecking order changes are all examples of stress causes that have a significant impact on fertility.

Disturbances lead to an absent or irregular cycle and ultimately may lead to permanent infertility. Fertility disorders may lead to conditions such as postpartum complications, including inflammation of the uterus (metritis), silent estrus and premature embryonic death in the following pregnancy.

Detecting irregular cycles

The smaXtec system also detects deviations in cycle length. An optimal estrous cycle lasts 21 days. If an animal’s cycle differs from the norm by more than a few days, it is deemed to be irregular.

The smaXtec system recognises this and automatically shifts affected animals to the group “suspicious cycle”. Checking this list will alert you to possible fertility disorders or other diseases where further measures might need to be taken.

You can act early and treat your animals accordingly. This will save you money and effort, thereby helping to ensure your long-term economic success.

In the fertility dashboard of the smaXtec Messenger, you can not only see which cows have an irregular cycle, but also which cows are lactating, open or pregnant. This allows you to monitor the reproductive status of your herd over time.

Overall advantages:

  • Higher milk yield;
  • Reduction/avoidance of antibiotics;
  • Longer healthier cow life;
  • More calves;
  • Increased profit.

Further information

For more information on smaXtec, contact Brian Aherne, country manager, on: 086-389-1784; or email: [email protected].

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