Operational review at Fonterra

World News: Fonterra this morning announced that Maury Leyland, Group Director of Strategy, will lead its recovery management team responsible for the ongoing operations of the precautionary recall and will oversee the operational review announced by the CEO last week.

“Maury will manage all aspects of the recent recall and will oversee the operational review I announced last week,” said Chief Executive, Theo Spierings. “She will report directly to me on progress and findings. This will be an in-depth review covering our business processes, information and traceability systems, and current ways of working, including decision-making processes.”

Leyland said the operational review is separate to the one being conducted by the Board of Directors of Fonterra, but that the findings will be shared directly with them.

“Our initial investigations have given us a clear idea of the events that led to our precautionary recall, but we now need to establish a detailed understanding of the processes, systems and decisions involved.

“We are conducting the review to find out why this happened, prevent it from happening again, and ensure we take all steps necessary to maintain our global leadership position within the dairy industry,” Leyland said.

The operational review will comprise a team including Hardeep Kang, General Manager of Fonterra’s Group Global Framework, Joanne Fair, NZ Milk Products Global Account Director, Dr Jeremy Hill, Chief Technology Officer, Ben Mayson, General Manager of Group Strategy, Liz O’Neil, General Manager of Commercial in Fonterra’s Group Functions, and Andries Du Preez, Senior Internal Audit Manager.

“This group represents the key areas of our business and, together, the six members possess the range of skills and expertise we need for the review”, Ms Leyland said.

Fonterra began its operational review today and will complete it by the end of August.