The National Ploughing Championships will take place in Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co. Carlow, next week (September 17-19).

In the run-up to this year’s event, AgriLand has been trawling the site – to see what awaits visitors (amidst the machinery trade stands). Warranting a special mention is the Irish debut of the Turkish-built Basak 5120 (pictured above).

Below – for your viewing pleasure – is a gallery depicting the on-site tractor highlights. In accompanying reports, we preview other (machinery-themed) attractions.

Click on a thumbnail (in the gallery) to open up a full-size image; once opened you can scroll sideways to see the next picture.

Stay tuned to AgriLand for ongoing coverage from the site in Co. Carlow, as the week unfolds.

Site map

Aside, the NPA (National Ploughing Association) has released a detailed map of the site, showing the locations of the various exhibition and activity areas.

Below is a JPEG image of this site map; simply click on the image to open up a larger version.

Alternatively, if you have a suitable viewer (application) on your PC, tablet or smart-phone, we also have a PDF version.

Click on this link or on the button below to open it (in which you will be able to zoom in and decipher all of the finer details). Site map: National Ploughing Championships 2019

A full list of exhibitors, and their stand details, is available on the NPA’s website.

Remember, of course, to visit the AgriLand stand at Block 3; Row 17; Stand 379 where you will be able to meet some of our team.

Don’t forget, either, to check out the NPA’s official ‘Traffic Plan‘. It provides guidance on how to access the site, depending on which direction you’re actually travelling from. Official ‘Traffic Plan’: National Ploughing Championships 2019