North Cork to reopen liquid plant on Monday after Covid cases

North Cork Creameries has said that it will reopen its liquid milk plant on Monday (January 11), following a number of Covid-19 cases being confirmed in staff there.

These are the first cases that the co-op has experienced since March.

The cases were confirmed in “the past two weeks”. The co-op said that the number of cases were “single digits” and were largely isolated. The staff concerned are not working at this moment in time.

These staff members are expected to return to work in the coming days.

The co-op highlighted that no other positive cases had been identified apart from those cases, and that all people who can work from home are doing so.

The cases resulted in the temporary closure of the liquid plant – which the business said is “small in our overall setup” – and the suspension of liquid milk processing.

Liquid milk processing is set to restart on Monday. North Cork Creameries said that, apart from the affected plant, the business is operating as normal across other facilities, and supply chains are unaffected.

The co-op outlined: “We have very stringent health and safety measures to protect employees and to keep Covid out of North Cork, which we’ve done successfully to date, with no cases since March.

“We’re handling all matters on a safe and satisfactory basis,” a statement concluded.