No money for Blue Ear eradication

A Blue Ear/PRRS eradication programme is off the agenda as the Department of Agriculture cannot find the resources to fund such a scheme.

Irish Farmers Association‘s pig expert Deirdre O’Shea said the news was very disappointing for the sector.

“We had put proposals to the department in terms or Blue Ear eradication, restocking of farms affected and a vaccination programme. We are still seeing Blue Ear across many Irish pig farms and there are serious affects. This is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed.”

According to O’Shea, the mortality rate of Blue Ear-infected pigs is high and many pig farmers across Ireland have been affected.

“A disease like this has affected more than one third of pig stock and if the department does not make some type of contribution to an eradication scheme it will be hard for Harvest 2020 targets to be reached.”

The IFA is set to meet department officials next week to discuss the matter further.