‘No effort to be spared to get vitally important Turkish trade moving’

Calls have been made to provide additional resources, in terms of manpower and funds to get the ‘vitally important’ Turkish trade moving.

IFA National Livestock Chair, Angus Woods has called on the Government to commit additional resources to secure greater market access for beef and live cattle.

Woods said the IFA is continuing to work with live exporters and the Department of Agriculture to get the live export of Irish cattle to Turkey up and running.

It is essential that more resources are provided to assist the live export trade and no effort can be spared to get the vitally important trade to Turkey moving as soon as possible.

“IFA has made it very clear to Minister Creed that a strong live export trade this autumn is essential for competition and to put a strong floor under weanling prices”.

In mid June, the green light was given to Ireland to export live cattle to Turkey and this announcement was welcomed by many industry commentators.

Irish exports received clearance follows pro-active and detailed engagement between the Department of Agriculture and its Turkish counterparts and an inspection by a Turkish veterinary delegation in May.

Turkey is a major importer of cattle and during the first four months of 2016, it imported 100,000 head of EU origin cattle.

The opening of the Turkish market was seen as a great opportunity to put a floor under Irish weanling prices, as the Turkish market requires a small beef-bred animal (160-280kg) that is under 10 months of age.

In terms of price, it is understood that exporters are looking to pay between €2.40-2.50/kg for suitable animals, but some are willing to go as high a €3/kg for the right type of beef bred bull.