New technology ‘swims’ through grain to examine quality

New technology which can ‘swim’ through grain and examine grain quality may help to reduce storage losses and maintain optimum conditions in grain storage.

The robotic solution can give detailed information on stored grains as it can move through bulk solids.

A statement from Crover – the company which is responsible for the technology – stated: “The device can fluently ‘swim’ through bulk solids, like cereals and grains, monitoring constantly their conditions while they are still in storage without leaving any grain unchecked.”

“This allows the agricultural industry to reduce losses during long-term storage of cereal grains. Empowering producers and grain storage site owners to maintain the quality of their stocks, reduce food scarcity worldwide and lead to a more eco-friendly production chain.”

Crover stated that its goal is to help grain merchants and farmers along the grain-value chain to be more efficient and to store grain safely for longer periods of time by limiting the impact of spoilage and infestations.

This in turn should also avoid grain losses and loss of profit.

Crover is an Edinburgh based company and has been granted a UK patent. Industrial pilots of the product are planned for October and the product may be available commercially from next summer.