Dow AgroSciences has launched a new herbicide for winter and spring oilseed rape.

This new herbicide, Galera, is based in clopyralid and picloram and it is the main spring-applied herbicide for winter oilseed rape.

Galera controls cleavers, mayweeds, sow-thistles and creeping thistles; all of which compete with the growing crop and interfere with the harvesting of the crop.

Dow AgroSciences says that cleavers are the most aggressive and competitive weed, impacting yield and decreasing percentage oil content. They can also contaminate seed, increasing the risk of admixture and reducing the price/tonne.

Galera applications should be made at 0.35L/ha, after March 1st in the year of harvest, however in practical terms, Galera applications tend to be when crops and weeds start to grow, usually after fertiliser has been applied, Dow AgroSciences states.

“It can be applied from the 4 leaf stage of the crop up to the point just before flower buds are visible above the crop canopy.

“Usually its cut off is at the end of March or beginning of April. Galera also has an off label approval for use in spring oilseed rape,” Dow AgroSciences said.

For optimum performance the warmer and more stable conditions are, the better the results, the crop protection company said.

Dow AgroSciences provides Irish growers with crop protection products and their products are distributed in Ireland by Whelehan Crop Protection, a Meath-based company.