A new online survey, due to be officially launched next week, is aiming to capture a national picture on farm crime in communities across the country.

The study is being undertaken by Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), in partnership with the Irish Farmers Association (IFA).

The aim of the comprehensive Irish Farm Crime Survey 2022 is to understand the experiences and attitudes of the Irish agricultural community towards farm crime.

It will also ask farmers and their families to share their view on the response of the criminal justice system to incidents of rural crime.

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The IFA said that the independent study, being carried out by TU Dublin academics, can be used to identify what measures can be adopted by government, An Garda Síochána and other agencies to reduce crime on Irish farms.

A similar survey has already been carried out with farmers in Australia and South Africa, with plans to extend it to the United States and the UK.

Barry Carey, IFA crime prevention executive, told Agriland that the study will identify the location and type of crimes being committed, along with the cost to the farmers impacted.

He said that the study will also examine prevention measures and the fear created by the threat of farm crime.

“Is farm crime being taken seriously? Are farm invasions being taken seriously?” Carey asked.

The anonymous online survey will be officially launched at the National Ploughing Championships on Tuesday, September 20, after which it will be available on the IFA website.

Carey said that participants must be aged 18 years or older, resident in the Republic of Ireland and are either a farmer or member of a farm household.

It is expected that a final report on the survey will be published by TU Dublin, in conjunction with the IFA, later in the year.