Munster dairy farmer uses Censortec system to achieve successful breeding

The key to reproductive efficiency in your dairy herd is in submission and conception rates. In fact, pregnancy rate is a product of both. But what do we mean by these terms and what should we be aiming for?

The ideal target for an Irish dairy farm is a submission rate of +90%.

This is 90% of the herd coming into heat and inseminated in the first three weeks from the beginning of the breeding season of the portion of the herd you want to breed.

Morgan O’ Sullivan farms with his two sons Brendan and Morgan at the foot of the highest mountain in Ireland.

Morgan operates with Censortec Nedap CowControl monitoring their herd and has realised the significant benefits since installing the system.

“The Censortec Nedap system knows more about the cows than we do,” Brendan said. “It is an invaluable tool on the farm.”

Brendan states that breeding is the top priority on the farm and the system allows them to detect cows in heat without being out in the field.

“The system offers us a second set of eyes on the farm. The extra benefit of the system is the health monitoring which has been an added bonus,” Morgan said.

“The reality in Ireland is that the average heat detection rates on the national herd in the first three weeks is 65% and the cost associated with a high submission rate and low pregnancy rate are extremely significant,” said Donagh Crowley of Censortec.

“Nedap CowControl is the global leader in heat detection aids and the system, coupled with the correct farm support and training, could benefit a 100-cow dairy herd by up to €8,000 per annum”.

Donagh is keen to point out what makes the Censortec system unique in the Irish market:
  • The system is not reliant on good broadband or internet connection;
  • We have no ongoing subscription or fees;
  • The lifespan of the SmartTag Collar is up to 10 years – completely unmatched.

Heat And Health Monitoring To Improve Your Bottom Line

As it is well documented at this stage, each missed heat can cost an Irish dairy farmer a minimum of €250.

The Nedap CowControl System is extremely accurate and indicates to the farmer the optimum time for insemination; therefore, boosting submission rates and reducing the calving interval.

The system monitors the herd with regard to eating and rumination, allowing the farmer to act quickly with regard to sick cows and, therefore, significantly reducing veterinary costs.

If the percentage of sick cows in the herd is reduced, it will also mean more milk in the tank.

The reduction of bulls on a farm also has a significant cost benefit and can also make your farm a much safer place.

“These are only some of the benefits of the system,” said Sean.

“It is very exciting to be bringing the Nedap CowControl System to Irish farmers, as Nedap is and always has been the pioneer of animal sensor technology, with unmatched reliability. Contact Nedap to discuss this further.”

Benefits at a glance:
  • Increased heat detection rates;
  • Increased submission rates (reduced missed heats);
  • Increased conception rates (better timing of AI);
  • Increased pregnancy rates;
  • Shorter calving intervals;
  • More days in milk;
  • More milk per cow;
  • Reduction of fertility/insemination costs;
  • Peace of mind with more control over your herd’s reproduction.

Individual Cow Attention More Challenging

Censortec Ireland is a southern-based company supplying Nedap technology to Irish dairy farmers in the south and north of Ireland.

“With farm scale increases on the rise, being able to monitor each animal is becoming increasingly difficult. When herd managers and farm employees are stretched too thin, individual cow attention becomes more challenging,” said Donagh Crowley of Censortec.

If you are not able to monitor your cows 24/7, you may be missing key critical cow health problems on your farm.

Activity monitors are well known to detect heats 24 hours a day and pinpoint the optimal insemination moment of cows to be bred.

The result is a more comprehensive heat detection and the ability to use labour elsewhere. Its return on investment is evident because of improved conception rates, reduced breeding costs and shorter open periods.

However, the most advanced systems nowadays have much more to offer than just that.

Censortec Nedap CowControl continuously monitors eating activity, rumination patterns and inactive behavior of individual cows and groups.

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