Motorway tractor driver arrested following Garda check

The driver of a tractor that was stopped while travelling late at night on the M1 motorway was arrested by Gardaí for a number of offences over the weekend.

Stopped on Saturday night, January 25, the tractor was found with a plough on the back which was “completely unlit”, according to Gardaí from Dundalk Roads Policing Unit (RPU).

This was found to be a danger to fast-approaching traffic, Gardaí noted.

Following a check by the unit on the Garda Mobility App, it transpired that the driver was disqualified from driving. The operator was subsequently arrested, with court proceedings to follow.

Taking to social media yesterday, Sunday, January 26, the An Garda Síochána Twitter account said:

“Dundalk RPU observed this tractor on M1 late last night! Plough on rear was completely unlit and a danger to fast approaching traffic.

“Driver stopped. Using new Mobility app Gardaí discovered driver was disqualified from driving.

“Arrested and proceedings to follow,” the Garda tweet concluded.