The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys, has today (February 24, 2022) announced the launch of the 2022 CLÁR programme aimed at providing rural funding. 

CLÁR provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas that have experienced significant levels of population decline.

Community groups are being urged to consider applying for funding for projects such as the provision of youth hubs, multi-use gaming areas (MUGAs), skateboard parks, playgrounds, handball alleys, community cinemas and gyms.

Minister Humphreys said she has increased funding for the 2022 CLÁR programme by over 25% this year, in recognition of the importance of the programme to some of the most remote rural areas.

“The priority of this year’s scheme is the development of facilities and amenities which will will enhance our rural communities,” the minister said.

“As part of ‘Our Rural Future’, I want to ensure in particular, that young people living in rural areas have access to amenities which they can enjoy with their friends, be it youth hubs, walking tracks, basketball courts or skateboard parks.

“CLÁR provides small grants which can make a big difference and I am encouraging local community groups, youth clubs, men and women sheds and sports clubs to apply via their local authority, if they have an idea for a project which could make a difference in their area,” Minister Humphreys added.

Rural funding programme new measures

For the first time as part of CLÁR 2022, the Department of Rural and Community Development will be accepting applications from community First Responder organisations, as well as voluntary search and rescue organisations.

The measures being funded under the 2022 CLÁR Programme are:

  • Measure 1: Developing community facilities and amenities (via local authority);
  • Measure 2: Mobility, cancer care and community First Responders transport (direct to DRCD);
  • Measure 3: Islands (direct to DRCD).

The maximum level of funding for any individual project is €50,000 and grant funding is at a rate of 90% of total project costs.