National drought warning extended by Met Eireann

The national Status Yellow drought warning was extended this afternoon (Friday, July 13) by Met Eireann.

The Irish meteorological office announced that the drought advisory warning will continue into next week.

Following this afternoon’s update, the warning will remain in place until 3:00pm on Wednesday, July 18.

There will be small rainfall amounts at times over the coming days. However, there will be no significant reduction in soil moisture deficits – as evapotranspiration rates will remain high, Met Eireann added.

A Status Yellow advisory drought warning has now been in place since Saturday, June 30.

‘Isolated showers of light rain’

According to Met Eireann, it has been dry across Leinster and much of Munster over the past week – with just a trace of rainfall occurring near the Cork coast.

There has been isolated showers of light rain over Ulster and Connacht. A total of 2.6mm of rainfall was the highest value recorded, which was in Malin Head. This reportedly represents only 15% of what would normally fall at this time of the year.

Next week, it is expected that there will be more of a change in the weather; more unsettled conditions are forecast, especially later in the week, with a chance of heavier showers.

Current forecast charts predict rainfall totals over the next seven days to average out above normal in the north and north-west, but generally less than half the average for the time of year in the south and south-east, Met Eireann explained.

Total rainfall levels for the week are predicted to be around 20mm over much of Connacht, Ulster and west Munster and 10-15mm elsewhere.

Field Conditions

Meanwhile, soil moisture deficits remain very high nationally and are ranging from 55mm to 65mm in west Ulster and west Connacht, according to the Irish meteorological office.

Elsewhere, soil moisture deficits are between 75mm and 95mm – with most places experiencing a deficit in excess of 80mm; the highest deficits are being recorded over east and south Leinster.

Some alleviation will be experienced will be experienced in parts – mainly the west and north – over the weekend and early next week, but not much, Met Eireann added.

Later next week, there is the chance of heavier rain or showers – but still not enough rain to make up the deficits, it  concluded.