MEP for Ireland south Séan Kelly has been awarded the 2022 Energy Solutions Award in recognition of his work on supporting sustainable decarbonisation through policy.

The Fine Gael MEP received the accolade alongside a Green MEP from Finland Ville Niinistö on Friday (July 15). Speaking about receiving the award after the ceremony, Kelly said:

“I was delighted to receive this important award in recognition of my effort to support sustainable decarbonisation through my policy work here in the European Parliament.”

Kelly has been involved in a number of key policy areas and works on a number of committees within the European Parliament. These include the Research and Energy Committee, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), and the Renewable Energy Directive.

 Seán Kelly MEP and Morten Helveg Petersen MEP, Chair of the Energy Solutions Steering Committee.

“I am currently lead author for my group, the EPP, of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

“The EPBD is a cornerstone of the European Green Deal, and the EU’s Renovation Wave. In my role as shadow rapporteur, I am working to ensure that European buildings are prepared for a greener and more digital society,” Kelly said.

Under the EPBD, the EU plans to renovate up to 35 million buildings by 2030 as part of the strategy to meet climate targets. Kelly outlined that focusing on the energy efficiency of building stock is “vital, if we are to achieve climate neutrality by 2050”.

He also said that this process will create jos and opportunities for young people across the continent. However, the MEP said there is still much to be done in relation to sustainable energy, which is now more important than ever.

“Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine and the current uncertainty for consumers and price fluctuations on the European energy market have amplified calls for a sustainable energy transition to be achieved as soon as possible.

“I hope that the continued work of my colleagues and I in this critical policy area will put Europe on a sound footing for the achievement of our climate goals in the years to come,” Kelly concluded.