Factory-type lambs were an easier trade at Enniscorthy Mart on Wednesday (July 13), with store lambs being the star of the show.

Speaking to Agriland about the sale on Wednesday, Enniscorthy Mart manager Kevin Murphy said there was a strong turnout.

“We had a much bigger sheep sale this week,” he said.

“A lot of those on offer were factory lambs which were a tougher trade than last week. There was also a good number of light store lambs presented between 30kg and 37kg, which remain a strong trade.

“Heavy cull ewes are setting the trade every week as there is massive demand for those well-fleshed ewes over 80kg, which readily made €2/kg.”

“We also had our first brood sale to kick off the season,” he added.

“There were 150 hoggets on offer, as well as a few pens of full-mouthed ewes, which met a very strong demand from farmers sourcing replacements.”

Some of the sheep that were on offer can be seen in the photos below.

Click on a thumbnail in the gallery (below) to open up a full-size image; once opened you can scroll sideways to see the next picture. Refer to each caption to see details of each lot, including the hammer price.

Lamb prices

Heavy lambs weighing 48kg and upwards weren’t as plentiful on the day, but there was still a strong wholesale-butcher demand for those heavier types, Kevin said.

Prices for these ranged from €150/head up to €158/head, or from €100-108 over their weight.

Sample heavy lamb prices:

  • Nine at 50kg sold for €158/head;
  • 15 at 48kg sold for €156/head;
  • 10 at 57kg sold for€158/head;
  • 14 at 48kg sold for €155/head;
  • Three at 51kg sold for €154/head.

Factory lambs at 47kg and under, Kevin said, were more plentiful, but the trade wasn’t as strong.

Prices ranged from €130/head up to €150/head for these, or from €90-103 over their weight.

Sample factory lamb prices:

  • 21 at 47kg sold for €150/head;
  • 22 at 45kg sold for €147/head;
  • Eight at 46kg sold for €147/head;
  • 15 at 45kg sold for €141/head;
  • 21 at 43kg sold for €140/head.

Light stores were more plentiful and they held their own despite the drop in the factory lamb trade, Kevin said.

These were bought by local farmers and ranged from €85/head up to €119/head, or from €55-82 over their weight.

Sample store lamb prices:

  • 21 at 37kg sold for €119/head;
  • 15 at 33kg sold for €110/head;
  • 12 at 29kg sold for €105/head;
  • 20 at 34kg sold for €105/head;
  • 16 at 32kg sold for €100/head;
  • Seven at 31kg sold for €93/head;
  • 11 at 30kg sold for €88/head.

Cull ewes

Heavy ewes were in shorter supply at Enniscorthy Mart on Wednesday; however, they remain in “massive demand”.

The mart manager said that well-fleshed ewes over 80kg made €2/kg, readily, and all of these were bought by wholesale butchers.

Sample heavy cull ewe prices:

  • Six at 108kg sold for €233/head;
  • Three at 95kg sold for €202/head;
  • One at 100kg sold for €206;
  • Nine at 90kg sold for €182/head;
  • Four at 86kg sold for €173/head;
  • Five at 80kg sold for €172/head.

Sample store cull ewe prices:

  • 10 at 75kg sold for €127/head;
  • Five at 76kg sold for €124/head;
  • Eight at 72kg sold for €108/head;
  • Six at 61kg sold for €96/head;
  • 15 at 54kg sold for €86/head.