‘Mental health is a silent killer which we hope to give a voice to’ – Kerry Macra to host virtual talk

Kerry Macra na Feirme is hosting a virtual talk live tonight (Friday, December 4) focusing on the importance of mental health.

The event, named ‘Mind Matters’, will be streamed on its Facebook page at 8:00pm and will feature interviews with a number of speakers.

With the “feeling of uncertainty this year”, Kerry Macra na Feirme “felt a need to address the ever-growing issue of mental health”.

It was a county member, Trevor Coffey, who instigated the idea. Coffey has “always been a passionate advocate for mental health and has openly spoken of his struggles in the past”.

“We would strongly encourage people to tune in and encourage friends, family and loved ones who they feel may benefit from listening,” Kerry Macra said. 

Guest speakers

The first guest speaker will be Finbarr Walsh from the Live Life Foundation. Walsh is the father of the late Donal Walsh, who lost his battle with cancer in 2013 and was a mental health advocate.

The second speaker is Peter Hynes, a dairy farmer from Co. Cork. Hynes, along with his wife Paula, established the Ag Mental Health campaign, a week in October dedicated to highlighting the importance of mental health for those who work in agriculture. 

‘Make the Moove’ duo John Keane and Johnathan Dwyer are the final speakers. Speaking ahead of the event tonight, they said:

Farming can be a lonely occupation with little human interaction during the working day. Therefore, it is important to establish a network of support and provide an opportunity where farming men can help one another.

Kerry Macra na Feirme said the Mind Matters talk aims to “open up the conversation of mental health for farmers and those in rural Ireland”.

“We hope to shine a light on these issues and drive home the point that your health is your wealth.

“Mental health is a silent killer which we hope to give a voice to. Save the date, tell a mate and don’t forget that a problem shared is a problem halved.”