Some 62% of men would never consider giving up meat, a study by Peperami the German sausage manufacturer has found.

This week (May 18 to 23) is National Vegetarian Week in Ireland and the UK and the study of 1,000 men found that 705 of men eat some form of meat with every meal.

Some 81% of those surveyed said they would be lost without meat in their diet.

The survey found 25 things that men would rather do than be a vegetarian. Deleting their Facebook profile was the number one thing that men would rather do than stop eating meat.

Men would also rather give up chocolate, shave their head or give up alcohol before they would turn vegetarian.

Some of those surveyed said that they would give up their job and sell their car before they would go veggie.

Some men surveyed went so far to say that they would break up with their partner before they would break up their love-affair with meat.

Other men replied that they would stop seeing their best friend and stop seeing their family rather than giving up meat.

Male meat eaters also said they would give up Sky Sports, give up alcohol and swim with sharks before they would give up meat.

Here’s the 25 things men would do rather than become a vegetarian:
1. Delete their Facebook profile

2. Give up chocolate.

3. Shave their head.

4. Give up social media.

5. Give up cigarettes.

6. Give up alcohol.

7. Get a wax.

8. Go skinny-dipping.

9. Give up tea or coffee.

10. Stop going to the pub.

11. Give up their Sky Sports subscription.

12. Move out of the UK.

13. Audition for The X-Factor.

14. Give up their mobile phone.

15. Give up television.

16. Swim with sharks.

17. Give up sex.

18. Streak through town.

19. Have the mother-in-law move in.

20. Quit their job.

21. Sell the car.

22. Give up the internet.

23. Break up with their partner.

24. Stop seeing their best friend.

25. Stop seeing their family.