Ireland is to feel the effects of Hurricane Gert this weekend as it makes its way across the Atlantic. However, the tropical storm is to run out of steam before it can hit the west coast.

A Met Eireann forecaster reported that the storm will keep weather unsettled over the weekend. A yellow status rainfall warning has been issued up until this evening for counties Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo.

Today sees blustery conditions, with showers heavy and thundery at times. More prolonged showers of rain in the mid-west will move into Leinster this afternoon.

Met Eireann warns that some downpours will lead to spot flooding but showers will become more scattered by this evening.

Continuing changeable and unsettled weather is expected up until Monday. Heavy rain is forecast across the south-west Saturday night and will gradually move up over the rest of the country.

Sunday is expected to be mostly overcast with overnight rain to continue into the morning. The rain will be persistent, Met Eireann reports, with the ongoing risk of spot flooding. Rainfall should ease off later in the day, with some sunny spells to break through in the south.

Grazing in difficult conditions

Farmers operating on heavier soils are likely to suffer with the heavy rainfall forecast. Farmers should aim to graze their drier paddocks first – focusing on these paddocks will allow you to make the best use of your grass and keep poaching to a minimum.

It may be necessary to skip some of the heavier soil-type paddocks for a couple of days until weather conditions improve next week. This will ensure that a good clean-out is achieved when these paddocks are grazed.

If a paddock is prone to damage during a time of wet weather, the use of 12-hour grazing blocks can keep the amount of damage done to a minimum.