There was a large showing of cattle at the weekly cattle sale at Delvin Mart with over 350 cows, heifers and bullocks on offer.

Speaking to Agriland following the sale, Delvin Mart’s Thomas Potterton explained there was a strong demand from buyers with “virtually a full clearance” of the over 110 lots of cows, over 70 lots of heifers and over 100 lots of bullocks.


The bullock sale at Delvin Mart was composed of mainly forward-type steers.

In the 650kg and above category, forward store and beef-type bullocks, the average price was €2.36/kg with a top price of €2.56/kg for a 700kg bullock at €1,790.

“The average price for heavy bullocks over 650kg was €1,660. This is up €180 from the average price in December last year for bullocks in this category which was €1,480 at Delvin Mart,” Potterton explained.

In the 500-550kg category, the top price was €2.35/kg for a 540kg Charolais bullock that made €1,270.

“The average price in the 500-550kg category was €2.15/kg. In last year’s December sales, the average price was €2.01/kg.

“On a per head basis, the average price was €1,129. This is up €76 from this time last year’s average price of €1,053,” the Delvin Mart boss outlined.

The top price in the 400-500kg category was given for three Charolais bullocks weighing 416kg selling for €1,040 or €2.50/kg.

The lighter store bullocks (including Friesians) averaged €1.86/kg.


The heifer sale, numbers were back slightly but “there was some amazing prices at Thursday’s sale” Potterton noted.

In the over 500kg category heifers averaged €2.22/kg or €1,260/head. This is up €91 from €1,169/head in the December sales last year.

Heifers from 500-600kgs peaked at €2.43/kg for a 535kg Charolais heifer making €1,300.

In the 400-500kg heifer category the top price was €2.51/kg. The average price was €2.13/kg or €960/head. In the 300-400kg category the top price was €2.76/kg for a 380kg Charolais heifer that made €1,050.


The Delvin Mart boss noted that Aberdeen Angus heifers and steers are still highly sought after and noted five Angus-cross heifers weighing 560kg making €1,300 or €2.32/kg at Thursday’s sale.

Potterton’s analysis

Commenting on the overall sale, Potterton outlined that buyers “were keen for all types of cattle with feedlot and factory buyers eager for forward and finished-type cattle”.

“Demand at the moment seems to be outstripping supply, however, numbers here are larger at the weekly sales than in December of last year.

“The number of cattle overall at the weekly sale was up on last week’s numbers and there’s a fantastic demand for forward-type cattle ,” he explained.

Potterton noted that there was very strong online activity at Thursday’s sale, saying the online bidding “is working very well and suits a lot of people”.

“Some farmers now tend to drop their cattle at the mart and go ahead with their days work.

“They can watch their cattle being sold on the phone and we ring them and see if they are satisfied with the price. It’s brilliant because it works both ways and farmers now have a lot more flexibility,” he noted.

“Covid or no Covid, the online platform is here to stay definitely,” Potterton outlined.

Concluding, The Delvin Mart boss outlined: “The final sale for this year will take place on Thursday, December 16, with our weekly sale of cows, heifers and bullocks.”