Following on from a meeting of the Irish Malt Growers Group in Co. Carlow on Thursday night, the farmers group have called for the resignations of two members of the IFA Grain Committee.

The group, which was formed in spring 2015 to represent malting barley growers, has called for the resignation of both the IFA Malting Committee Chairman Mark Browne and the IFA Grain Chairman Liam Dunne.

According to the group, some growers are being treated unfairly during harvest time and the IFA, it says, is aiding this situation.

The group also said that many growers are currently being “robbed” of profits as a result of grain not passing the selection criteria and it is also unhappy with the changes made to skinned grain criteria.

A spokesperson for the Malt Growers said the IFA is “simply too quiet when representing farmers at harvest time”, particularly on issues like the 75% brewing 25% distilling barley contracts, which have been forced on growers by Boortmalt.

November selling of barley grain is also becoming an issue, with many new growers appearing into the equation, which has resulted in surplus grain being taken to Boortmalt depots, it says.

Many of its members are now seeking the return of the value of the IFA levy which has been fruitless for malting barley producers, it says.

The group also gave an indication that the acreage of malting barley could be down considerably next year as producers move to more profitable crops.