Landini has unveiled its two latest models to Irish dealers, the first is the 200hp model from the top end Series 7 range.

The second is the Series 5-085 which, although more modest in output, is equally telling of the company’s intentions.

It is described as a bridge model between the present Series 4 machines and the incoming, and re-engineered, Series 5 models.

This latest tractor is held up as an example of how the company is evolving its overall strategy in the important sector of the market which serves small to medium-sized stock farms.

New look Series 5 range

At 75hp it will be the smallest of the Series-5 tractors; it will also be the smallest Landini with an FPT engine.

All those above it will have an engine from the same stable while those below will be powered by Kohler.

new styling robust tractor
Gone are the rounded bonnets of the previous range with the new look family styling

The company has settled upon this rationalisation of its product range for several reasons. One of the major factors for choosing FPT to power the larger tractors is the impressive low end performance.

The latest Kohler engines have also impressed with their performance, compactness and versatility. Two further advantages are that they are also produced in Italy and stand at a better price point that their competitors.

The Series 5-085 provides 75hp from the four-cylinder 3.4L engine. This motor also provides 375Nm torque at 1,400rpm, a figure which Landini claims matches that of larger tractors.

fpt engine in landin series 5
The four-pot FPT engine meets stage V emission standards without a bulky exhaust restricting vision

There are three transmission options, all of which have a shuttle directional control, essential for front end loader work.

This is no accident, for Landini still sees the tractor as being the main materials handler on smaller farms for a long while yet.

To this end, it has purchased a specialist front end loader manufacturer and now appears to be keen to promote the tractor and loader combination as a single unit, rather than a loader as a bolt-on afterthought.

Four pillar cabs

The cab design and build is, just like all Landini cabs, done in-house.

The large expanse of glass in the four-pillar unit does impress with its all round visibility and the large door makes for easy entrance and exits, an important factor when working with stock.

Inside, the controls are set out in an uncluttered arrangement with large expanses of flat surfaces that will be easier to keep clean than many of its rivals.

There is a general air of roominess, although storage for odds and ends, and the all important nosebag, is not particularly plentiful.

controls for Landini series 5-085
Control surfaces are light in colour and easy to keep fresh

Unfortunately, the model present was only on static display so it was not possible to get a driving impression. Yet it is obvious that this new model marks a new chapter in the the company’s history.

To help differentiate the old and the new, an optional custom pack is available. Known as the BlueIcon fit and finish, it includes metallic blue body panels with black wheels. A full set of LED work lights is also included.

Legacy of Landini not forgotten

Updated styling and shiny paint jobs will only go so far though, there needs to be a basic trust in the tractor and its back-up.

The Landini name is well known in Ireland and although there is not the adulation that other marques might enjoy, it is still respected for its reliability and sturdiness, if not its glamour.

With the advent of these new tractors, the aim is to reposition Landini away from the low spec, low price image it has had and bring the brand up to compete with the mainstream.

However, the company is keen to stress that it has not forgotten its traditional customers and the Series 4 and 5 tractors are still set to compete at the lower power end of the market.

This latest offering is compact and and certainly looks robust and there are yet to be heard many complaints about the performance of FPT engines.

At first glance Landini may well be able to hold on to its traditional base with these tractors, while realising its ambitions in the higher power sectors.