Richard Kennedy has received the full backing and support of his home county of Limerick to go forward for the position of Deputy President of the IFA.

He was nominated at a meeting held in Adare last night (January 20).

Limerick County Chairman Aidan Gleeson said that there was then a unanimous vote to send Richard forward for Deputy President and he got the full backing and support of the county.

Speaking to Agriland, Kennedy a dairy farmer from Clarina in North Limerick, said that he was delighted to get the nomination from Limerick and that it was important to him.

He now has to get on the road and get the backing of five other counties to go forward for the position.

We need trust, credibility and stability in the organisation. I have the experience between Macra, IFA and a number of other organisations.

“As a farmer, I’ve felt very vulnerable since the IFA trouble began – I always depended on IFA to get a bit of help if I needed it.

“I think that’s not there now and it’s important for farmers to have a credible organisation to represent them

“We need to do it and keep our eye on the ball.”

Donal O’Brien told Agriland that he didn’t put his name forward because he didn’t want to split the county and because of work and family commitments.

Meanwhile, the current IFA Poultry Committee Chairman Nigel Renaghan has received the backing of his home county of Monaghan to go forward for the Deputy President position.

Renaghan had declared for the IFA President job, however, instead decided to focus on the Deputy position.