Letter to the editor: ‘An agriculture minister with a vegan lifestyle would be a blast of clean air’

Radical politics in Ireland would really mean something if the new Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine held a vegetarian or vegan dietary preference.

An agriculture minister with a non-meat, dairy or animal by-products lifestyle would be a blast of clean air in a department infused with the pinguid aroma of animal death.

Industrial food production is writing its own paragraph in the death warrant being drawn up for our planet.

Ireland with its animal intensive farming and the resultant destructive environmental hoof print is adding words to the text.

‘Re-calibrate the focus of Ireland’s food production’

A humane minister for agriculture could re-calibrate the focus of Ireland’s food production towards a plant-based regime while reducing or eliminating animal-centred food production.

The existence of a myriad of vegan diets, sound in nutrition and health affirming benefits, shows that humane food consumption is possible.

Meat vs. vegan diet

A diet based on meat and animal by-products is being flayed as unhealthy, environmentally destructive, and leaking into the violent culture so prevalent in society today.

Should the Taoiseach retain the status quo by appointing a minister for agriculture vulnerable to capture by special interests then there is merit in saying that Ireland via its politicians is digging its environmental grave with a bloody knife and fork.

From John Tierney, Co. Waterford