Despite the recent self-confessed doubts about the future of chemical weed control, Lemken still felt the need to update and revamp its trailed crop sprayers for this autumn.

The purchase of Steketee (a company which specialises in mechanical weed control) back in August has not detracted from the fact that sprayer development is ongoing and more efficient use of pesticides is still important.

Lemken produces three sprayer models, all of which may be specified to suit a customer’s needs.

The three types are the Primus, the Albatros and the Vega; it is the first two that have benefited from the design department’s attention.

The Primus sprayer (pictured below) is described as an entry-level machine and has been completely overhauled throughout. It is now fitted with clearer controls and all major connections are centrally integrated behind protective covers.

Lemken believes that the design is enhanced by a more rounded profile, containing LED lighting and a colour scheme. It is available in three tank capacities of 2,400L, 3,500L and 4,400L; boom widths range from 15m to 30m.

The Albatros is described by Lemken as a ‘professional machine’ – although it sits in the middle of the range. It is certainly larger, with tank capacities from 4,000L to 6,200L, and boom widths of 15m to 39m.

The updated in-cab screen is now equipped with an “intuitive” graphical user interface on the CCI-50 terminal.

A differential GPS receiver can be retro-fitted for use in conjunction with CCI apps to allow automatic width section control, or parallel tracking assistance.

The Primus 12 and all the Albatros models feature ISOBUS as standard. They can be operated using any compatible terminal.

A new flexible draw-bar allows operators to attach the sprayer, either at the top or bottom position. The clean water tank capacity has also been increased to 320L.