Latest update on numbers of farmers still waiting for direct payments

Thousands of farmers are still waiting for payment from the Department of Agriculture under the Basic Payment (BPS) and Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) schemes.

According to the latest update from the Department, it has received some 126,000 applications under the 2015 Basic Payments Scheme (BPS) from applicants who currently hold entitlements.

In addition, over 102,350 applications have been received under the Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) scheme from applicants with eligible designated lands.

It said Ireland is among the earliest to pay the BPS/Greening in the European Union and, to date, 125,377 farmers have received payments totalling €1.140 billion.

In relation to the ANC Scheme, it confirmed that payments that to date, 95,774 farmers have received payments totalling €203m.

What’s the hold up?

The Department says that under EU Regulations, all these applications are subject to robust administrative checks prior to payment.

“The work of the Department in this critical area must meet demanding EU and national audit requirements. Only valid applications under the BPS and ANC that fully comply with the requirements of the EU legislation are paid,” it said.

According to the Department, the majority of those not paid under the ANC scheme are ineligible for payment as they have failed to fulfil the stocking requirements under the scheme.

It says it is in ongoing communication with a number of applicants who have yet to provide the required evidence to fulfil the stocking requirements. These applicants will be paid as soon as this process is successfully completed, it said.