Latest Same tractor equipped with 4-wheel-steering

Same has wheeled out its new Frutteto CVT ActiveSteer tractor – notable for having four-wheel-steering.

The tractor is intended for use in vineyards and orchards, so applications in Ireland or the UK are limited.

According to Same, the new ActiveSteer facility allows the operator to work in confined spaces (thanks to its tighter turning circle), whilst maintaining the track and wheel-base dimensions of a “conventional tractor” in this category.

Thanks to the new rear axle, the rear wheels can now achieve a turning angle of 20°.

Their position is governed by an electronic control unit, with three different driver-controlled operating modes.

These allow the driver to select:
  • Steering of the rear wheels in proportion to the front ones – to “drastically reduce” the overall turning circle, but without adversely affecting the tractor’s stability;
  • Crab mode; this is useful when trying to maintain a straight working ‘line’ on sideways-sloping ground or for handling operations in confined spaces;
  • Delayed mode; this works in proportion to the front wheels, but with a slight delay.

In addition, the steering angle of the rear wheels can be adjusted manually.

It can also be locked – on demand – and, of course, locked in a central (straight-ahead) position for road travel.

The Frutteto CVT is a relatively well-specified machine, for a tractor of such diminutive stature. For example, buyers can opt for a hydro-pneumatic front axle suspension system – namely ActiveDrive.

Interestingly, Same’s Frutteto CVT S (pictured below) has just received the ‘Best of Specialised’ award in the Tractor of the Year 2019 competition. The announcement was made at this week’s EIMA 2018 show in Bologna, Italy.