Latest Kuhn tillage kit is a keen ‘Performer’

Two new versions of Kuhn’s ‘Performer’ have been added to the company’s range of non-powered, deep tine/disc cultivators.

New 6m and 7m models join the existing line-up of 4m and 5m machines.

According to Kuhn, the Performer quickly became its most popular non-powered cultivator after its launch in 2013. Originally only available in 4m and 5m working widths, the “single-pass, multi-mode” machine is now also available in 6m and 7m versions.

Kuhn claims that the (ambitiously-titled) Performer offers “great cultivation versatility”, thanks to its ability to operate with discs only with a roller for surface cultivation or with tines only with a roller for sub-soiling. It can also operate roller-free for non-consolidation work.

The new 6m and 7m versions are suitable for use with tractors of over 360hp – so sales of these larger versions will understandably be limited in the context of the Irish market. The machines use twin independent disc gangs (10cm working depth), four rows of tines (35cm working depth), levelling discs and the firm’s latest 700mm diameter HD-Liner roller.

The gangs function independently of each other and comprise 510mm-diameter serrated discs, which are mounted so as to afford 560mm of underbeam clearance.

Choice of shares

Tines are arranged in four rows with 280mm inter-tine spacings and 850mm of underbeam clearance. A choice of shares is available.

Levelling discs are mounted on curved arms and have ‘elastomer’ protection and there are height-adjustable border discs. The HD-Liner roller is notched for better rotation and, according to Kuhn, provides 225kg/m of downward pressure. The roller can be lifted out of work when not required – for example when carrying out non-consolidation work.

All discs are mounted on “maintenance-free” hubs and the tines are drop-forged for “added strength”. To enable it to tackle the toughest conditions, the Performer is fitted with a 900kg adjustable non-stop hydraulic tine safety system.

The machine is fully hydraulically adjustable and folds to a transport width of 3m.

KuhnFor added flexibility, it can also be used in conjunction with Kuhn’s SH 600 seed drill which offers a capacity of 600L and is equipped with the Venta seed metering unit. In this configuration, Kuhn claims that the Performer and SH 600 are the “ideal combination” for sowing oilseed rape and cover crops.