It seems unlikely that the Irish Dairy Board (IDB) will decide to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the organisation in order to facilitate the re-appointment of Lakeland Co-op’s Chief Executive Michael Hanley as a Director of the organisation.

Speculation was rife that the IDB would call the EGM, in an attempt to tweak the rules governing the appointment of directors. Eligibility, in this regard, is linked to a co-op marketing a minimum percentage of its annual output through the IDB sales’ network. It is understood that in 2013 Lakeland undershot its IDB sales target, where milk powders are concerned, by a small margin. Because of this, Michael Hanely is not eligible to take up his seat at the IDB this year.

However, sources close to the situation say there is no EGM happening, contrary to speculation. This means that Lakeland, which is the country’s second largest co-op does not have a place on the board of the IDB. It also means that the north east is not represented at board level.

A spokesperson for Lakeland Dairies has told Agriland that Mr Hanley will not be commenting on any matter pertaining to the co-op’s relationship with IDB.