LacPatrick: Fodder services in place for suppliers

LacPatrick Dairies has moved to support suppliers affected by the extended winter conditions and deteriorating fodder situation.

Over the weekend, LacPatrick called a meeting of its emergency response team to put in place a plan to assist suppliers in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The following actions have been put in place.

Silage matchmaking service: Although the fodder situation is critical on many farms, the co-op has said there may be other farms where there are ample fodder supplies.

LacPatrick has contacted suppliers asking for those with silage reserves – as well as those running low – to get in contact.

LacPatrick is compiling a database of those farmers and will put those with fodder in contact with those who do not. There has already been a strong uptake on this, according to the co-op.

Fodder workshop: LacPatrick is holding a workshop to advise on options to address fodder shortages. This will be held in the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan tomorrow (Thursday, April 5) at 8:00pm.

Maize support: LacPatrick has also secured a large volume – some 4,000t – of maize silage which is being offered to suppliers. A number of suppliers have already taken up this opportunity.

‘Monitoring the situation’

Head of LacPatrick’s Farm Advisory team Dr. Paul Crosson said the co-op has been closely monitoring the situation.

“For many farmers the winter started last August and there has been little or no improvement in the situation.

While farmers in this part of the country would plan for a long winter, the current situation is beyond anyone’s best planning.

“We have put in a place a plan that will make sure that animal and human welfare is protected at this difficult time,” Dr. Crosson said.

“I would urge any LacPatrick supplier who needs help to get in contact immediately so that we can work with them to help them through this difficult time.”